Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini Indulgence

I am SO into these mini desserts now...

How many times have you been to a dessert bar and loved EVERYTHING you saw there?  You wanted just a taste of at least 5 different things there?  No doubt, there were many others around you thinking the exact same thing.  Simple fix for your next party, let your guest taste it all with mini dessert samplers.  I am planning to add red velvet minis to my next party, and I will be putting them in these cute shot glasses along with mini tasting spoons ordered from Smarty Had A Party (they have a whole section of  cute mini dishes!)  Check these mini desserts out...

Chartreuse Bride
Even better, how about the shot glass you can eat!
Smarty Had  A Party

 Wedding Obessesion


  1. I was drawn in by the first pic and then blown away by the chocolate shooters that is awesome.
    They all look delectable woohoo!