Monday, August 23, 2010


SHE DID GREAT!  For her first flower girl appearance, my sweet baby girl did GREAT!  She flashed that million dollar smile and thew the flowers like a pro!  Very proud of her! Here are a few pics I took. Some did not come out so well as we were having to stay out of the way of the tv crew.  And speaking of tv crew....the two flower girls were waiting in the foyer, practicing their ballet moves together, unbeknowst to them that a camera man had settled behind them and was taping their every word and move! Too cute! So they will get their 15 seconds of fame along with I am sure a nice shot of them walking down the aisle.

Who? Little ol' me?

this came out so nice! They were watching the bride get into a horse-drawn carriage.

practicing my Photoshop skills. lol


  1. She is beautiful! She looks very happy and princess-like too. Great job to both of you.
    Wanna Check Me Out?

  2. Oh my goodness she is so precious in her little white dress! She looks just like a miniature bride!
    Can't wait to hear when the show is going to air so I can check it out!

    I stopped by from the SITS Girls BlogFrog community!

  3. Love the shot of them looking at the bride SWEET :)
    Good photoshop tricks...I just tried that one recently (i was just practicing so I trashed it)