Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Blog Design...

I know its been a while but I have been SUPER busy with a few parties I have been planning. The most important one is my Mini Me's Rock Star 4th Birthday party!  I have now managed to incorporate 3' balloons into the decor!  That should be a sight!  I'll also try out a few balloon columns as well.  But anyway back to my original topic....My new blog.  I will be moving over to Wordpress in about 30 days with a brand new blog!  I am super excited and READY!  My first post will be about my Mini's party and all the wonderful pictures that will be taken...hopefully they will inspire my readers to get out and be Cre8tive too! I will continue to post here, even after my new site is up (there's an app that will post everything here as well) so you will be able to continue to follow me!  Stay tuned and stay Cre8tive my bloggy pals!