Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally...The Blog is Started!

OMG! I have finally done it... I STARTED A BLOG! If you can't tell I am uber excited! Let me start by telling you how this all came about. I have always been pretty crafty, but I think the ultra-craftiness came on about 3 years ago after I had my daughter. Bows, dresses, girly parties all came from paper to reality...and no looking back! This blog is a compilation of my ideas as well as a lot of others that I follow! I am inspired by the smallest you may just see a picture or two of some pretty random things on here, so be prepared! LOL I want this blog to inspire others to let their creative juices flow!

If you are a party designer, home decor designer, crafter etc. and you want to submit your ideas for me to post on here, PLEASE do so! I will be on the look out for other creative crafters!