Monday, August 2, 2010

Decorated Paint Can

I'm all into altering everyday items. I'm fascinated with the results you get when you add a little glue,a little paper and some ribbon to ordinary items. One of my favorites is the paint can.  A lot of different companies sell paint cans (the one in the picture below came from Michael's and is plastic) but my favorite place to get them is Home Depot. Covered in scrapbooking paper and ribbon these cans can be used for so many cool things:

Kids Crafts: fill with children's crafts supplies or even store purchased kits.

Note/journal Can for teens: Create a matching journal and beaded pen to fits inside. Teens can keep all the notes from their friends inside!

New college Student Can: fill with food, quarters for laundry, correspondence materials, phone card.

Money Can: fill with crumpled $1 Bills!

Bath Can: Fill with bath favorites, bubbles, neck pillow, soaps, scrunchy bath puff etc.

Hostess Can: have a few ready over the holidays. Fill with favorite brownie mix, tea towels, gourmet tea or coffee, candies...

Cookie Can: fill with cookies or baked goods.

Rainy Day Can: fill with boredom busters for children; slinky, jacks, yo-yo, silly putty...etc.

Cupcake Can: fill with cupcake/frosting mixes, paper cups, sprinkles and attach recipe to handle

Wedding Day Can: fill with everything the bride will need on her wedding day; clear nail polish (for runs), small snack, sewing kit (make sure to include thread that matches her dress and the bridesmaids... and black for the groom), mini scissors, Tums, Tylenol, hem repair tape, bobby pins, lipstick, pocket mirror, phone book with important numbers... etc.

Baby on the Way: fill with your favorite baby essentials. Can doubles as a baby memento holder! Make a photo album or scrapbook to match.

I am already planning some of these for the holidays.  Remember, you can alter just about anything.  Get those cre8tive juices flowing!

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