Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dollar Diva Craft!

E6000 glue is great!  I have glued so many things together with this stuff...it's amazing. I decided that I needed a glass serving plate a few weeks back.  While I was out at the Dollar Tree (one of my favorite places) I remembered that I had seen a serving plate made from items at the Dollar Tree...so here is my attempt at making this serving plate. It came out pretty good and worked very nicely! All you need are a tube of E6000 glue (local craft store or Walmart), 1 glass plate and 1 glass ice cream dish.   I glued the ice cream dish base to the bottom of the plate...I let it dry over night and Voila! 


  1. And as stinky as it can be (I try to apply it outdoors), it is the best hold-it-all-glue I've found TOO! Love your new glass serving plate on its new pedestal *smiles*

  2. Wow, that does not look like you glued it together! I'm impressed. :)