Monday, August 16, 2010

Homemade Praline Sauce

No excuse for anyone to say that they can't make a homemade gift for friends and family... not sure how but I came upon a GREAT website called Sweet Baking Supply that has an awesome recipe for a Praline Ice Cream Sauce you can make in the microwave! How easy is that?!  You could be the star of the holidays if you make this and give it out to friends and family! Check it out....And thanks Cindy for posting such a great recipe!

Look at the finished product! YUM!
Check out the directions for this easy treat at Sweet Baking Supply


  1. I am a new follower and I found you through Blog Frog!!!!

    I can't wait to check out your blog!! You can come check me out to!! I am doing a giveaway right now from my Etsy shop! ;)

  2. Mmmmm that looks really good. As a person who loves to eat, I want that!!

    Saw you on Blogfrog and thought I'd stop over. Will be back.


  3. Looks so good! Anything that can be done with the microwave, I'm willing to try.

  4. Thanks for the big "quote" on Blog Frog! I appreciate it. I also found your blog via Blog Frog, and now every time I come here I have a gigantic sweet tooth! This sauce is a really great idea. I am keeping it to go with my Christmas gift list! Thanks so much!

  5. Very interesting blog you have here.

    I'd love to try this sauce!

  6. Hey, Kemberley!
    It is nice to meet you; I found you through the Blog Frog. I am going to check out this praline recipe...thank you for sharing it with us. By the way, I love your blog and am a new follower.
    Check out my blog, All Things Wonderful at
    I am looking forward to more great blogs from you! :)


  7. How yummy it looks. I love making homemade Christmas gifts, especially as a frugal single mom. This gives me inspiration!