Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chalkboard Love

Addding this to my Fall projects list...I am SO making my daughter a pink chalkboard this fall.  I wanted something that matched her room but all I could find was the plain old ,basic black chalkboard paint...then along came Hudson Paint (thanks for the post Maddycakes Muse)  they have 24 colors to choose from!  I will definitley be posting this tutorial once I have everything ready!  I like simple projects, things that won't take forever to make but have BIG impact. You canmake just about anything into a chalk board with this paint.  Hopefully some of my blog followers can do this project too and send me pictures when they are done! 

Courtesy of One Pretty Thing


  1. ADORABLE! I have already decided I will have an entire chalkboard wall when my kids are old enough! I think it would be too much fun for them!

    I also want one in my kitchen where I can write recipes or keep lists :)

  2. I had no idea this even existed. TFS!

  3. whee did you buy it??? Love the fact that it comes in 24 colors, my son's chalkboard needs a little TLC! Send me a PM on my blog :)