Friday, October 1, 2010

Working Together

I am still working on a project that I hope to have up and running by January.  As you can see I make A LOT of different things.  And I'm always trying to think of creative ways to get the word out about my stuff, but I also know others that make some pretty amazing things that other just don't know about.  So my new project is a way to get these products out and help promote not only myself but other mom's in business.  It is by no means an original idea of my own (meaning it is being done by others) but I believe it will certainly work!  I will be posting more about this in the weeks to come so make sure to stay tuned.  It is a slow process getting everything together (along with working a full-time job AND taking care of my family) so don't abandon me if I don't post EVERYDAY! LOL  I'm here and working on something super exciting!  Of course I will continue to post my projects as well as others that have been sent to me. So stay tuned and stay cre8tive!


  1. We understand :)! I've had to pull back to posting twice per week to keep up with family demands.

    Stopping in from Blog Frog.

  2. Don't worry, great to be here, will definitely be back! Its great to meet someone else who creates many different things :)


  3. Working together was said perfectly!!
    I'm your 102nd reader:) How exciting!! Congrats!

    Got your link from Blog Frog and wanted to ask you to pass this on please!

    I am trying to help out a gal with diabetes. She's a family friend and is walking for a cure.
    If we can all donate $1 we will be able to reach our goal this year....thank you in advance:) You're link WILL be posted up on my blog as well :)