Saturday, October 16, 2010

Football & Crafts

Well it's Saturday and we are off to a football game today (GO KNIGHTS!!!) AND this evening is craftime....I dug out ALL of my hair bow making supplies and will be a bow-makin mama tonight!  Everything I make this weekend will end up in my Etsy store so make sure to check it out sometime next week.   I am sure my husband will be more than happy for me to get rid of some of this stuff (lol)

Let me try my first blog hop! If you're crafting today or have done in recently, leave me you link!


  1. Have fun tonight! We're laying low but taking the kids trick or treating at our local zoo tomorrow night.

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  2. Hey! I saw your post in The Blog Frog and came right over to support your blog hop! My sewing blog is my secondary blog, and is my primary blog. I am following you now! I have a Friday blog hop you can link up to each Friday if you want more followers! Have a great weekend!

  3. so envy ppl who can sew. i have a machine but can barely get my son's scout badges on without cursing like a sailor!