Monday, October 11, 2010

Costume Dilemma

Since Halloween is on a Sunday this year, my  3 year old Mini-me's school is having Trunk or Treat on Saturday the 30th.  If you're not familiar with Trunk or Treat, it's basically where all the parents park in the parking lot of the school and have candy stations set up out of the trunk of their cars and the kids just walk from car to car and gather candy to their hearts content. Nice, safe event for the kids.  Well my dilemma is that Mini-me keeps changing what she wants to dress up we've narrowed it down to these three. Which do you like best?



As I am writing this she NOW tells me that this is what she might want to dress up as...

She's REALLY into The Cat in the Hat right now!

But the REALLY funny part is that she said me and her daddy could dress up as this... ROTFL!!!!!

Thing 1 & Thing 2


  1. go with the cat and the hat theme.. but only if you are gonna follow thru with thing one and thing two. Perfect...

    But love me some Minnie Mouse too!

  2. I love love love that Minnie costume! How adorable!

  3. We do "Trick or Trunk" with our church. It's still so much fun for the kids!

    If you're girl is a girly-girl, then the princess costumes could last for a few Halloweens!

    My youngest (Mini-Me!) inherited her older sister's Cinderella costume and then it went into the dress up box which she used until it didn't fit!

  4. I love the idea of "Trick or Truck," I may have to steal that idea for my daughters school (my daughter is a student teacher). I like all three costumes, but I think I like the Minnie costume the best.

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  6. I think you and hubby should totally dress up.. That's hillarious. We have done the Trick or Trunk thing too and I loved it. I am having a hard time picking cuz they are all so cute but I guess I would go with either Minnie or Belle.

    Anne @

  7. I really like the Belle costume! My little girl was Minnie last year and it was such a great costume(my 2nd choice). I'm passing it down to my baby when she's old enough. You and Daddy need to avoid the Dr. Seuss gig unless I get to see it in person, rofl. Too funny!

  8. The Jazmine costume looks adorable.

  9. Oh yay! We have a Minnie costume. Thats what my daughter will be this year. Hopefully next year I can make her costume since I started the sewing!