Monday, January 24, 2011

The Mini's Party... OMG!!

So every year after my own birthday I start planning the Mini Me's birthday party. So it's that time again! Year 1 the theme was Pink Poodles in Paris, Year 2 I was. WAY too tired to decorate anything so I braved it and had the party at Chuck-e -Cheese, Year 3 was this is Year 4... I asked the Mini what type of party she wanted and wouldn't you know she says sleepover! NOOOOOOO! I acted like I didn't hear that and asked her again a few days later, this time she says she wants a Rock Star Birthday, and so it goes that I am now planning the best Diva Rock Star birthday party EVER!  Of course I can always use some ideas, so if anyone has done one and wants to share, PLEASE DO! I'll be posting my updates as I get things gathered for the 4th Extravaganza!

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