Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you Vlog?

I'm baaaack!  Sorry I've been MIA for a few days but I am working on a new project that is set to come out in January 2011!  I'm excited about this new venture and wanted to take a poll of my Cre8tive Mocha readers.  Do you Vlog? And if so about what?  Cooking, crafting, home improvement projects?  I like to say that I vlog "my reality".  In the months to come, I will be asking for more feedback as well as videos that you have shot of your everyday "reality".  I am using a Flip camera like this one at the moment

But hoping to move on to the newest version the Flip Slide by December.

So stay tuned my readers and keep vlogging...I will be looking for "your reality" in the days to come.


  1. I never have vlogged, but I love watching them!

  2. Fellow DFW Mom here....

    Love your blog and I am now a follower...

  3. @KrisKay...well stay are gonna love what I have coming in 2011!

    Hi Tina!

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for following along!

  4. I really like your blog so I decided to give you the "lovely blog award" =) please stop by my page to pick it up (right click to save image) then it is your turn to pass it on to some blogs that you love!

  5. I saw your question on MckMamas forum and thought I would pop in.. We will know in the next 72 hours if we are moving from Omaha to DFW. SO happy you posted the question, now I can check out all these Dallas lady blogs and make some questions..Awesome blog you.. I am a photographer and those little hats you knitted I would buy as a photographer.. so keep knitting...

  6. Well, I have just started making vlogs. I completely suck at it at the moment, but I will be making tons more nonetheless and get better as I go. I am currently documenting a hair-care/hair-growth challenge that I decided to start...