Saturday, July 16, 2011

My camera quest....

It's been a while hasn't it! Wow!  So much has been going on the past few months that I have been sort of overwhelmed!  I am back now and better than ever!

My camera quest is not back on!  I am REALLY in need of a good camera to take photos of my products and I have settled on the Nikon D5100!  I have researched til I can research no more!  I think this is the camera for me.  High tech but not TOO high tech that  I can't learn to use it.  Oh and trust me I have already searched out classes in my area to help me learn to maneuver around the manual modes of this new camera.  Hopefully my camera jar will be full enough for me to make my purchase before Christmas!  (fingers crossed)  So Stay tuned...I am sure I will have some GREAT pics once I take my class and become a semi-sorta-kinda-pro-NOT! 

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